Eric (恵利久) (shiromadoshi) wrote in sylph_ecg,
Eric (恵利久)

A bit about me

Well I figured that since Justy is the only one who made a posting thus far and since I already have a livejournal profile I would be the next to post on here! :) And everyone on lj who knows me on the linkshell feel free to add me to your friend's list if you feel the need to delve into my life (however boring it may be :P). Anyway for those who don't know me this is Eric, known as Eric-kun, white mage extraordinaire and resident Japanese interpretor on the linkshell. I also represent Lunatari (RDM 18/WHM 8) one of the three magic gods from Dragonlance with Justy (Solinari) and his brother (Nuitari). Currently Meythia (my whm also known as Mey or Meyth) is taking a sabbatical from white mage to level summoner and to avoid being pimped out as a power leveler (as Hotpants and I agreed last night that white mages are veritable whores, but it's an exclusive class). But anyway, looking forward to this community getting up and vital and talk to everyone soon! :)

"I should use that as an insult now...You are such a white mage!"
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